The PRO Pathway is a combination residential/online programme that helps patients with addiction by providing 3 weeks of inpatient assessments, detox, and rehab at our residential facility in Scotland and then with a further 3 weeks on the Castle Health intensive online continuing care programme.

This programme helps people with dependency to benefit from affordable treatment. Our Scotland facility provides a private ensuite detox room, followed by a shared room, then a continuing online program at home for 3 weeks of intensive online therapy.

The PRO Pathway Addiction Treatment Programme may include various components necessary for a patient to regain sobriety, such as:

  • Biopsychosocial assessments
  • Detoxification
  • 12 Step abstinence-based model
  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and Motivational enhancement therapy (MET) approaches
  • Psycho-educational lectures
  • Recovery literature and therapeutic exercises
  • Mindfulness
  • Complementary therapies
  • Online group therapy
  • Online one-to-one therapy
  • Continuing care plan

Assessments and Detox

These two components provided by Castle Health include a complete substance use/ behaviour history, comprehensive needs assessment, issues identification, recovery goals and objectives. Patients receive a consultation with a Specialist Psychiatrist and during the 3 weeks of treatment, patients are monitored and supported by our experienced medical team.

During the first week, patients enter the detox process and are introduced to groups and one-on-one therapy. All Castle Health residential facilities are  taking all the Coronavirus safety measures and providing two Covid-19 tests for each patient. During the 5-7 days, patients go through a short period of isolation benefiting from online therapy and medical assistance. After these couple of days, patients can join our intensive therapy programme. 

Residential Rehab

After joining the Castle Health residential facility in Scotland, patients will be introduced to our 12 Step treatment programme. The therapists will assist each patient to identify the thoughts and feelings behind their addiction, and with the help of a 12 Step, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET) they will learn healthy coping skills to start building a happy life and avoid relapse. 

As part of one of Castle Health’s residential programmes at our Scottish rehab centre, daily group therapy sessions allow patients to share their experiences and learn from others in a similar situation. The residential programme offers full board, intensive treatment programme and medical services, fitness and wellness, and complementary therapies.

3 Weeks Online Programme

Castle Health’s intensive online continuing care programme includes 2.5 weekly one-on-one therapy sessions (two full-length sessions and one shorter session that helps patients to better understand the root problem of each situation discussed) and 2 weekly group therapy sessions.

Our digital therapy platforms make it possible for patients to directly connect to our experienced addictions experts and clinicians from the comfort of their home. Patients manage to take care of their social and family commitments while also attending the online addiction therapy programme. This flexibility allows patients to continue their online treatment programme and to schedule therapy sessions around their day-to-day life. 

Affording residential rehab is no longer a problem. Patients can access the treatment option tailored for them while benefiting from online contact and the experience of a community of patients going through a similar situation. 

The online learning platform makes it easier for patients to keep up with calendar appointments, access fast recorded psycho-educational lectures, and links to online recovery groups and Castle Health programme literature.

PRO Pathway – FAQ

The PRO Pathway programme helps patients with various addictions to detox, access a healthier life, repair damaged relationships, and build new meaningful ones while addressing mental and emotional health issues, and developing coping skills.

How will I keep in touch with my therapist?
Each patient receives a secure login to Castle Health online learning platform which helps them to access the calendar appointments for 1:1 and group therapy, recorded psycho-educational lectures, links to recovery groups and our programme literature. Castle Health may also use email and phone to better connect with patients.
What are CBT and MET?
CBT and MET are two therapeutic approaches that help patients identify their negative thoughts and addictive behaviours and develop alternative coping skills.
What equipment do I need for online therapy?
Patients need a good internet connection and a camera from their laptop or smartphone. Those patients using a desktop will need a webcam and earphones with an inbuilt microphone.
Is the line secure?
Castle Health uses systems that respect the recommended safety standards. The conversations with our patients are always confidential and secure, as the therapists conduct each therapy session in a private room.